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Wayfair Advertising: How to Create Wayfair Sponsored Shop Campaigns

Wayfair has quietly established itself as a viable method for advertising homeware products online. If you are interested in getting your brand and home goods products in front of a wide audience, it’s a good choice to use Wayfair advertising. Wayfair enjoys significant online traffic from across the globe, the competition for advertising clicks on the platform is surprisingly low.

Sponsored Shop:

If you have a background in Amazon Advertising, you may compare Wayfair Sponsored Products with Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and Wayfair Sponsored Shops with Amazon Sponsored Brands.

How to start the process:

# Firstly, sign in to your Wayfair partner home , then on your homepage, hover over “Products”. From the Products menu, choose “Wayfair Sponsored Shop”:

2.  Then, from the “Wayfair Sponsored Shop” page click on “Add New Campaign”. From here you will find the options of creating “sponsored Shop” campaigns.

Wayfair Advertising: How to create wayfair “sponsored Product”  campaigns:

Step 1: Enter Campaign Settings: After you click on the “Add new  campaign” button then you can set the following parameters:

  • Campaign name: Give a name so later you can find it easily.
  • Customer Type: Set who will see your campaign.
  • Store: Set your desired marketplace.
  • Brand: Select your desired “Brand Name”
  • Class: Select your desired class Name
  • Duration: You can put an end date if you want to stop the campaign after a fixed time. Otherwise you can skip it.
  • Schedule: Set how long your campaign should run for.
  • Bid Amount: Set your Bid amount, you want to pay for your advertising
  • Spending Limits (optional): Set how much your campaign can spend in USD.
  • Daily Cap: Your daily cap might limit performance. Most campaigns with a daily cap over $50.00 run all day.
  • Campaign Budget : Campaign budget must be greater than or equal to the daily cap.

Step 2: Select Featured Products : Once you’ve set your Campaign setting ,now you have to set  the following parameters.

  • Select products: It will  display three of the best-performing products from those that you select within your targeted class. We recommend adding 5-10 products to get started and we will use our global quality score to choose the best-performing products to display. If any of these products become unavailable, we’ll substitute a similar product to help ensure your campaign’s success.

     Step 3(Creative Media): now you have to set  the following parameters.

  • Button copy :Select a Button Copy for your banner
  • Button link :Select the Button Link  where your banner clicks will land.
  • Banner Image: Banner images that feature (1-3 )products. Images must have a 2.5:1 width to height ratio, with a minimum of (800×320 )pixels.
  • Banner Copy: Select copy for your banner from a list of pre-approved copy options.
  • Brand Logo :Logos should be high-resolution, with a minimum width of 400 pixels or a minimum height of 200 pixels.

Now click on the “Submit For Review ” and your campaign will be activated between (1-3) days.

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about how you can create the sponsored shop  campaigns for your Wayfair advertising. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries on any advertising field of eCommerce. Please let us know if you face any issue. We are always here to hear from you.

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