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Walmart Review Accelerator Program – Enroll Items to Get More Reviews and Sales

In the dynamic world of online shopping, customer feedback holds immense power. Recognizing the significance of genuine reviews, Walmart has introduced its groundbreaking Review Accelerator Program. This innovative initiative not only empowers customers to share their insights but also provides a platform for sellers to enhance their products and services. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this program and understand how it’s reshaping the landscape of customer feedback.

For sellers participating in the program, the benefits are equally compelling. By enrolling their items, they gain access to authentic customer feedback that can shape the evolution of their products and services. Sellers are charged a nominal $10 service fee per review, limited to a maximum of five incentivized reviews per participating item. This ensures that feedback remains manageable while encouraging a diverse range of opinions.

In an era driven by digital opinions, Walmart’s Review Accelerator Program stands as a guiding light of authentic feedback. It bridges the gap between customers and sellers, fostering trust, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Program Overview:

Walmart’s Accelerator Program is a strategic initiative aimed at accelerating the growth of startups by providing them with valuable resources, mentorship, and access to the retail giant’s extensive network. This program’s primary focus is on identifying and collaborating with startups that offer innovative solutions spanning a wide spectrum of retail-related domains, including supply chain, e-commerce, sustainability, AI-driven analytics, and customer experience enhancement.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What is Walmart Review Accelerator Program?
  • How does it work?
  • What is the eligibility to participate in this program?
  • How you can check which items are eligible for this program?
  • The terms and conditions to enroll in the Review Accelerator Program
  • How can you enroll your items in the Walmart Review Accelerator Program?
  • How do you remove enrolled items?

What is Walmart Review Accelerator Program?

Walmart’s Review Accelerator Program is an unique symbiotic arrangement that benefits both customers and sellers. Customers who purchase items enrolled in the program on Walmart, are invited to share their experiences through honest and accurate reviews. In return, these valuable contributors receive a digital reward for their next purchase on the platform. This simple yet effective approach incentivizes customers to express their opinions, fostering a culture of transparency and trust.

How does Walmart Review Accelerator Program work?

The Review Accelerator Program encourages users to contribute sincere reviews to your products, enabling your company to stand out and gain the trust of online shoppers.

Existing customers are requested to provide feedback after making a purchase on Walmart in exchange for a minor incentive that is only revealed after the consumer has completed the transaction. Sellers are charged $10 for each review and are only charged for a maximum of 5 incentivized reviews per participating item, making a large influence for a cheap price.

The program is a fantastic approach to increase reviews and aid in increasing sales!

In the digital landscape defined by authenticity and choice, Walmart’s Review Accelerator Program emerges as a symphony of sincere opinions, a powerful channel through which businesses can flourish and customers can make informed choices. As the program continues to harmonize the voices of customers and sellers, it lays the foundation for a future where credibility and engagement interweave to create a dynamic ecosystem of mutual prosperity.

What is the Eligibility to participate in this program?

To enroll products in the Walmart Review Accelerator Program, certain eligibility criteria need to be met. Like – 

  • Sellers need to have a registered and active seller account on the Walmart 
  • Items need to be sold in the last 30 days
  • Items should have less than 5 reviews which means if your item already has 5 reviews then that item will not be eligible

How can you check which items are eligible for this program?

Step 1: Log in to your Walmart Seller Account

Step 2: From the left side Bar, click on “Growth Opportunity” under the Analytics section.

Step 3: On the Growth Opportunity page you will find the “REVIEW ACCELERATOR PROGRAM”. Click here and you can see the list of which items are eligible for this program.

For every item, Walmart will show you Impressions, Current page views, Sales, and Current reviews. These data will help you to make decisions, about which items will be the most suitable item to enroll in.

Also, you can select the date range, pricing, and category to filter items.

Here, You can also check, enrolled, and complete items as well.

The terms and conditions to enroll in the Review Accelerator program:

 1. By enrolling items in the Review Accelerator Program, the seller agrees to pay a service fee   of $10 for each incentivized review collected through Program 

 2. Once an item is enrolled in the Program, Walmart will aim to collect five (5) incentivized reviews for the item. Once five (5) incentivized reviews are collected for an item, the item will be disenrolled from the Program. Sellers will be charged for reviews collected up to a maximum of five (5) reviews per item.

 3. Enrollment of an item in the Program does not guarantee reviews will be collected for the item.

 4. Seller will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies in connection with its participation in the Program.

 5. Seller agrees to pay applicable Program Service Fees and authorizes Walmart to charge such Program Service Fees to Retailer’s Walmart Marketplace account.

Applicable Program Service Fees will be deducted from amounts payable by Walmart to Retailer under the Comprehensive Walmart Marketplace Program Retailer Agreement (CWMPRA). 

 6. Walmart may modify, suspend, or terminate the Walmart Reviews Accelerator Program at any time, or modify or amend these terms of service on notice to retailer.

If you are agreed with all the terms and conditions, then you can enroll in this program.

How can you enroll your item in the Walmart review accelerator program?

Under the Eligible tab,

  1. Please click the checkbox next to the item in which you want to enroll
  1. After that, the “Enroll” button will be visible
  1. Now click on the “Enroll” button to complete the process.

After enrolling, If you will change your mind that you don’t want to continue this program for any of the items. Then what will happen?

How do you Remove enrolled items?

Don’t need to worry about it. Walmart is very flexible for this.

To remove a participating item from the program,

Step 1: Click on the Enrolled tab

Step 2: Select the checkbox for which item you want to remove from this program

Step 3: And then, click on the Opt-out button.

There is another tab “Complete”. The Complete tab displays that have received five incentivized reviews, the total number of reviews, the total number of incentivized reviews collected, and the number of current page views.

Final Thoughts:

Walmart’s Accelerator Program is an ambitious endeavor that reflects the changing dynamics of the business world. By fostering partnerships with startups and nurturing innovation, Walmart is positioning itself at the forefront of retail transformation. As this program continues to evolve, it will likely shape not only the growth trajectories of participating startups but also the way we perceive and engage with the retail industry as a whole.

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