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Tips to optimize Amazon product images and generate more revenue

In today’s world, people are more inclined to shop online than offline. As such, there is a golden opportunity for online product sellers to succeed.

Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces for selling products. You have to fight against thousands of sellers to sell your products on Amazon. So, it is very vital to show how you are showcasing your products to the customers. You need to arrange the details of your product in such a way that a customer comes to your product page and can get a complete idea about the product and eventually ends up buying it.

Here are some important steps that you can follow to optimize your Amazon listing images and generate more sales:

1. Amazon’s rules must be kept in mind

Amazon has some rules for product images. You need to arrange the product image keeping in mind the rules of Amazon.

Here are the rules of Amazon:

2. Try to use each slot

 If you look at Amazon’s listing, you will see that most sellers do not use more than 2/3 of the images in the listing. Since Amazon gives you the opportunity to use 7/8 images, why not take that opportunity! By using all the slots, you can make the details of your product more beautiful.

3. Sort your pictures according to the importance

You can upload many images to Amazon, but you must remember to specify which image is your primary product. You must decorate all your images serially. Sort from the beginning according to importance. You can use some code accordingly. For example, you can use the code “MAIN” for the first image.

4. The main image must be clear

You only need to show the product that you want to sell on Amazon in the case of the main image. So that a buyer can come to your product page and understand at the first sight what product you want to sell.

According to Amazon’s rules, you must use the square image. Except for some products (for example, books, music, video / DVDs must have 100% framed product), all other products need to cover 85% of the list frame space. Cannot go outside the picture frame of the product. The background of the product image must be white.

5. Use only high-resolution pictures

You must use high-resolution images to make your product look beautiful and clear. It’s not just about increasing sales, but it’s also a requirement for Amazon. Only items that are directly relevant to the sold product may be included. In other words, superfluous items that may cause buyers to become confused may not be included.

6. Highlight the important points in the image

Identify the important points of your product and highlight them in the form of bullet points. Your image plays a role in driving traffic. They are more concerned with converting traffic to your list. People often ask how to make their Amazon listings mobile-friendly. The easiest way to do this is to make sure your pictures are both beautiful and educational Product titles and photos are the only content that appears above the fold on mobile. Many customers never scroll up to the bullet.

7. Use pictures from different angles of the product

Use pictures from different sides of the product to give the customer an idea of ​​what your product looks like. This will allow the customer to easily get an idea about your product. You could lose a potential consumer if you do not show all the features of the product in detail.

8. Use different lifestyle images

You can use different types of lifestyle images to highlight how a customer can use your product, and in what cases. This will make it easier for the customer to know how to use your product.

In this case, by using your product, take pictures of your friends, and relatives and use those pictures.

If you want, you can create a lifestyle image of your product using photoshop.

If you have no idea how to create a lifestyle image using Photoshop, you can hire a Photoshop expert if you want.

9. Keep in mind the targeted customer

Just as you should consider your target customer when writing your product description, you should keep this in mind when creating visuals. In other words, when viewing your product, your target customers will like to see them use the product. They will want to make sure that what you are selling is appropriate for their lifestyle and needs.

If you sell a kettle, for example, the background should look like a typical kitchen. As a result, you contribute to the credibility and persuasion of your product.

Finally, the importance of product image optimisation for business success in the Amazon marketplace is immense. If you want to compete with thousands of sellers on Amazon, you can easily achieve success in your business by following these simple steps of product image optimisation.

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