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Protect Your Brand by Amazon Transparency Program

Remove Listing Hijacker, Protect your Brand and profit by enrolling Amazon Transparency Program


This is the word that seems nightmare of any brand owner. It implies that somebody is out there selling poor duplicates of your item, diminishing customer trust in your brand, and stealing your profit as well. Now a days, counterfeiters have thrived on popular retail e-commerce sites like Amazon. As a result, Amazon is fighting back with this and the program is named  Amazon Transparency Program.

The Transparency program has been around since 2017, but Amazon takes some time and enrolled new brands slowly. Recently many popular brands have received invitations to the program from Amazon. Amazon trying to provide a better customer experience by making sure that consumers get the item they ordered instead of a cheap duplicate as well.

What is Amazon Transparency Program?

Amazon Transparency Program is a service that helps brands prevent the sale and shipment of counterfeit products to customers on Amazon.

Transparency program can protect your ASINs being sold to customers from bad actors listing, fake or materially different products. A brand owner effectively helps Transparency identify real or fake products before a 3rd-party seller’s listing becomes available/visible to customers. Finally, Amazon Transparency Program can help to protect your brand not only now, in the future as well.

Why Transparency?

a) Counterfeit protection: Amazon Transparency Program will check all of your Transparency-enabled products before reaching customers to check either the item is authentic or fake.

b) Verification by customers: Amazon Transparency Program allows any customer to authenticate any Transparency-enabled product. The customer can scan the code after receiving the product.

c) Remove Listing Hijacker

Real-time example:

a) Lost BuyBox and Decrease Sale: If there are several sellers under your listing, you may lose the buybox. Even though if you are the Brand Register seller you can lose the buybox as well. So to protect your buybox, sale, and profit, you need to enable Amazon Transparency Program. This the only way you can make remain you buybox. Have a look at the below image.

Here, the Brand owner is Oakten but the BuyBox winner seller is MowerPartsGroup. Oakten loses the buybox of their own Branded listing.

b) Miss Lead Listing Content: 

Sometimes other sellers try to change the listing contents with the help of Amazon. In some cases other sellers are successful. Which is very much frustrating or disappointing for the real listing owner or the Brand Owner. So you can enable Amazon Transparency Program and get rid of this type of problem.

Cost of Transparency:

Please note that Transparency uses new barcode technology designed to verify a product’s authenticity. It’s free for the first six months for early adopters and then will cost between 1 cent and 5 cents per code.

How does Transparency work?

Usually, Brands need to apply for a unique Transparency code for every unit of Transparency enabled product that the Brand manufacture. Amazon provides a special service for the program enabled items. Whenever a customer purchase on Amazon and get a Transparency enabled product he/she can scan the code and confirm the product they received is authentic.

Transparency enabled ASIN:

A Transparency enabled ASIN or product is affixed with a 2D barcode that can be scanned by customers to confirm that the product they ordered and received is authentic. The Transparency code will be a unique 26 digit, which is an alpha-numeric identifier beginning with AZ or ZA. 

How does Transparency impact:

For MFN Seller:

When you fulfill customer orders for Transparency enabled products, you must upload Transparency codes in Seller Central. You can also integrate with the MWS API to programmatically send the codes to Amazon. 

For FBA Seller:

FBA sellers, who already have a live listing, will be notified via email if an ASIN is Transparency enabled. In the email, you will find a timeline, after which you will have to make sure that the ASIN you ship into Amazon fulfillment centers has Transparency 2D barcodes.

You can easily start the Amazon Transparency Program. Just make a knock and contact with Amazon seller central.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, it will help you to work on Amazon. If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to give answers to your questions.

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