Mastering Wayfair Promotions A Step-by-Step Guide for Sellers
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Mastering Wayfair Promotions A Step-by-Step Guide for Sellers

Creating effective promotions on Wayfair is crucial for boosting sales, but with recent policy changes, staying informed is key. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up promotions on Wayfair, covering different types of promotions, the setup process, and essential tips for success.

Step-by-Step Guide

To initiate the promotion setup, start by logging into your Wayfair Seller account. Once you are in the Wayfair dashboard, navigate to “Products” and select “Pricing Home.” 

Creating a Promotion

Click on “Promotion” and then “Create Promotion.” Choose the type of promotion you want to run. While custom options were once available, Wayfair now offers predefined types like “Winter Clearance 2024,” which may also include special events like Presidents’ Day.

Setting the Base Discount

Specify the base discount percentage. For instance, if your base price is $100 and you set a 10% discount, the discounted price will be $90. Confirm the default map change, ensuring the minimum advertising price doesn’t drop more than the specified percentage. Keep in mind that Wayfair restricts the maximum discount percentage to 50% of your base price.

Editing the Promotion

On the “Edit Promotion” page, filter and select specific products. You can customize the discount percentage for individual items. Export the product spreadsheet, make necessary changes, and upload it to finalize your selections.

Confirming Details

Review the promotion details and make manual adjustments if needed. Optionally, add notes for reference. Once satisfied, click “Submit.”

Processing the Promotion

The promotion will be processed, and if you have multiple accounts (e.g., USA and Canada), remember to submit the promotion separately for each account. Monitor the progress, and when it shows as “Scheduled,” you’ve successfully set up your promotion. You can easily edit promotions in the “Drafts,” “Scheduled,” and “Active” subtabs. Click on “View Product” to make adjustments to the discount percentage.


Mastering Wayfair promotions is essential for sellers looking to increase visibility and sales. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the Wayfair promotion setup process and make the most out of your promotional campaigns. For more insights on optimizing your Wayfair selling experience, stay tuned to our blog for future updates and tips. Happy selling!

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