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Linnworks Stock Item Linking Import in Bulk | Linnworks Inventory Management 2022

The Stock Item Linking import allows the import of inventory linking information into the Linnworks database. This is done per selling channel (Source / SubSource).

Here we are going to show the process of how to link channel SKUs in bulk with Linnworks.

Feed File Preparing:

Open a black excel sheet, then input column names like SKU, Linked SKU Custom Label, Source, SubSource

– On the SKU column input the Linnworks SKU

Linked SKU Custom Label, on this column input the channel SKU that you want to link with Linnworks.

– And then enter the Source and Subsource of the Channel SKU.

It is possible to link more than one listing per channel to a single item in the Linnworks Inventory. This is done by including multiple rows for the SKU, Source, and SubSource but with a different linked SKU Custom Label.

Your basic feed file is ready at this moment for linking the Marketplace SKU with Linnworks. 

But additionally, you can also input other necessary values in bulk like End When Stock, Max Listed Quantity, and Stock Percentage. Which you can find on your inventory Mapping Screen. 

If you don’t know about these attributes then you can find a detailed explanation of them here (attach URL).

You can also add a column for Ignore Sync. Linnworks will ignore and will not send a revised stock level to the listing if the available quantity in Linnworks changes. The values will be true or false. True means it will not send information about the revised inventory.

After completing the feed file, save this file as CSV, comma-delimited format.

Now from Linnworks, on the bottom left corner find the setting icon, then click on import data.

Click import now from the top right corner.

Enter a friendly name for this import. And select type as “Stock Item Linking”

Then upload the feed file by clicking Next or Select File. And then choose the file from your computer which you just saved as CSV.

Then you need to link the column names of the feed file. It will automatically link the column names if the name format matches with Linnworks format.

I have inputted a column name as “Max listed”, but the Linnworks format was “Max Listed Quantity” so I need to tell Linnworks that this is the column for “Max Listed Quantity” by linking the column manually.

Then run the feed file. It will take 5-10 minutes to process the file. And you will find an update on your import status.

On the channel mapping screen, here you can see the Linnworks SKU and channel SKU are linked.

So this is the process to link SKUs in bulk on Linnworks.

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