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Jet Listing Policy – Dos and Don’ts of selling on Jet

Publishing On Jet Unified Catalogue The Things Should Be Done and Avoided

In E-commerce business Amazon and eBay are very familiar marketplaces, Jet is an alternative major player that gives sellers the ability to customize their offerings based on quantity and service levels. Customers favor Jet because it provides the highest quality products, great customer support, offers discount and lower price – saving their money. In this article, we will discuss item listing on Jet and the things we should follow or avoid to successfully operate our business.

Like Amazon, in Jet, we see a Unified Product Catalog but listing does not show here the sellers. When we list an item, Jet scrutinizes and it can take a while to a few weeks to be approved. Jet checks if the item is already in their catalog and if all provided dates are correct then the product will be mapped to the existing one. If the product is not in the catalog, a new listing will be created. This may take extra time. We need to be sure that all the pieces of information we have provided are accurate otherwise it will be kicked out for manual review slowing down the approval process.

How to Create a Better Listing on Jet:


  • We can include 5 to 500 character in product title but not any special character.
  • We should highlight the product being sold. But we should not add any retailer-specific information about the product (e.g. special sales, guaranteed ship times, etc.).
  • We should display the brand name at the beginning of the title. But we should not include any sales information (e.g. shipping information, product cost, promotions). Even we should not include product attributes in the title.


  • We should include a high-level product description that highlights the product being sold (max 500 characters). We should not include any special characters in description even bullet points.
  • We also should not include any sales information (e.g. shipping information, product cost, promotions).

Brand and Manufacturer:

  • We should include the brand name for all branded products and we should also use the industry-recognized brand name. We should not use inaccurate brand names.

Jet Browse Node IDs and Attributng

  • We should ensure that all products are mapped to a Level 2 Jet Category.
  • We need to add attribute values for all products that have variations ( e.g. different sizes, colors, textures, etc.).

Main Image URL:

  • We should include a high resolution image with an area of 40,000 pixels (e.g. 200 x 200px). One side of the image must be at least 200 pixels and the other must be at least 100 pixels.
  • We should use images with a white background, no images with watermarks, company branding or sales information.
  • We should not use the file formats: multi-layer png or gif also. We should not host images on Dropbox, or We should not include any placeholder images.

Unique IDs:

  • We need to use one of these unique product identifiers: UPC, ASIN, GTIN, EAN, GTIN14, ISBN10, ISBN13. We should not include any placeholder or fake unique identifiers.
  • We should triple check that the unique identifier properly reflects the product being sold and need to make sure that the unique identifier correctly matches the quantity of the product being sold.

Product Dimensions:

  • We have to provide these information: shipping weight (lb), package length (in), package width (in), package height (in) and multi-pack quantity. We should triple check that the multi-pack quantity properly reflects the quantity of the product being sold.
  • We should not provide inaccurate or estimated data. Incorrect information will directly impact our competitiveness in the Jet marketplace.

Selling on Jet may seem a little frustrating but it is making a big splash in the e-commerce world. Jet can uplift the business with a Jet speed for its dynamic pricing concept. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding selling on Jet.

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