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inkFrog Complete Guide: eBay Listing Management Software

inkFrog is one of the best one-page-listers for creating listings on eBay. Catalog auto-suggest makes it easy to match your product with eBay’s catalog. This eBay lister is so fast and effortless that one-of-a-kind, rare or unique items are quick and easy to list. It’s a management and eCommerce listing software for vendors selling through major eCommerce platforms (e.g., Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, etc.). It allows you to list extremely quickly to manage multiple eBay markets with multiple accounts and automates your sales and management processes. Manage your listing, return, shipping, and payment policies (profiles) across all of your listings. Ensure your policies are consistent, and easy to change, and keep improving them as your business grows. 

inkfrog Store Integrations with eBay

With InkFrog software you can easily connect your channels within some moments. Connect your Amazon, Shopify, and Wix stores to Sync listings and Inventories with eBay. Manage your Orders and Synchronize the inventories from only one hassle-free platform!! You can create connections to different stores like eBay, Amazon, etc. You can either end the listings and import from your store and list new to eBay / Amazon, etc., or if you want to retain your sales history on your goods.

Since you’re able to select which products to import and list to eBay, when you add new products to your store, simply access your store import page and click refresh if needed, then continue on with importing and listing the new products to eBay! You can manually set Sync settings to send custom quantities of what’s left in your stores.

1. InkFrog eBay Functions & Features

Please refer to the following points to go through the main and key features of InkFrog.

Here are the basic notions that you might need to know before going to inkFrog. 

  • Home:- From the Home section, you can check total orders, top listing, sales history, and recently sold items.
  • Create New Listings:- You can create manual listings for different accounts and different eBay marketplace.
  • Live:- From this section, you can check all the Live eBay listings:-
  • Sold:- From this section, you can check out the orders and the items sold in here; you can monitor and track the condition of each order regarding shipments:-
  • Unsold:- From this section, you can find out the items “Ended” or sold on eBay:
  • Scheduled:- From this section, you can find the items that you have set “Scheduled” or set an upcoming release date for each listing.

  • Templates:- From here, you can create or use pre-build paid templates for your listings to make it look attractive and boost sales:
  • Messages:- It’s an awesome feature and really much more helpful which saves time instead of going into eBay and sending messages.
  • Promoted Listings:- You can promote your listings by giving discounts and many offers. You can start campaigns from this section and set durability dates.
  • Event History:- From this section, you can get any updates regarding the items that are properly syncing with eBay policies or not and if there are any errors or not from this Log section.
  • Settings:- From this section, you can manage “Accounts”, “Sync,” “Auto Relist,” and “Marketing” options. Simply manage if you have multiple eBay accounts or channels, set your preferable custom Sync settings, set your desired auto to relist timings, and manage your emails and advertising options from the Marketing option.

2. InkFrog Profiles

Profiles are “Prefills” which allow you to prefill frequently used information on the listing page. When used correctly, they allow you to create listings extremely quickly. inkFrog offers many kinds of profiles that give each seller powerful, unique options for their specific listing style.

We will now see what we have under the Profile sections. The following profiles are available in Inkfrog. 

  • Master Profiles – allow you to create prefill’s for everything that is on the listing page and can be used to attach sub-profiles together (like payment, shipping, and return profiles). It’s the ‘master’ of all profiles. 
  • Listing Profiles – sub-profiles that allow you to save your frequently used details like category, item specifics, auction format, and price
  • Shipping Profiles – sub-profiles that allow you to save your frequently used shipping details.
  • Return Profiles – sub-profiles that allow you to save your frequently used return details.
  • Payment profiles – sub-profiles that allow you to save your frequently used payment details.

3. InkFrog eBay Template Designing

On InkFrog simply visit the ‘Templates’ section from the left nav menu and click on the ‘Create new’ button to create a new template. You will then be asked if you want to use your own template or our template builder. Using your own will show you the HTML tags you need to input into your template, so they work with our lister. It’s extremely simple. 

You can choose 250+ pre-built paid templates for your own suitable design as you like, or you can create a custom HTML template and paste it into the template section, or you can use the Free Templates to improve your listings initially at the beginning.

4. InkFrog Amazon Features

You can set up your Amazon Store and sync your products from the Amazon option. You can push eBay items into Amazon, or you can Track inventories and orders from Amazon in InkFrog. Simply add your Amazon Store, then you can manage it all from here.

5. InkFrog Apps Features

From the App features, you can connect to many channels, like Shopify, Amazon, Wix, Spreadsheet, etc.). From the Image section, you can watch over all the images that you have on your entire store. 

From the GTC (Good Till Cancel) features, you can do good to cancel eBay listings; the great part of it is it will keep relisting every 30 days and get to know the dead items (inventories with 0 for 30 days over) and remove those and set pricing, etc. You can add or create printing labels or templates from the Print Templates.

6. InkFrog Plans / Pricings

inkFrog offers 14 days of Free Trial with unlimited features. Here you can browse the link for pricing for inkFrog.

Small Plan$11 per month 1 Store Connect300 Listings
Basic Plan $19 per month1 Store Connect1,500 Listings
Professional Plan$29 per month3 Store ConnectUnlimited Listings
Entrepreneur Plan$49 per month7 Store ConnectUnlimited Listings
Premium Plan $79 per month 10 Store ConnectUnlimited Listings


In the entire post, we have gone through the fundamentals of InkFrog, and the basic features and functions of InkFrog. If you find this post useful and handy, please share it with your friends and the e-commerce enthusiast. We also encourage you to write down your opinions regarding this post in the comment section. You can also share with us which eBay listing tool you’ve been using and like most other than InkFrog. If you have a Shopify website, you can also list items on eBay through Shopify.  

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