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How to Update the Shipping Methods on eBay in Bulk for Multiple Items

On eBay, there are many ways to send items to your buyers. By offering more than one delivery option, you’ll be able to attract different types of buyers. You can pick which shipping methods you want to offer your buyers.

If you are looking to change the shipping method for lots of products at a time on eBay, then this content is surely gonna help you. The shipping method is much more important for eBay listings. Below you can find the way, how you can update the shipping methods for multiple items on eBay in Bulk in the easiest way.

Let’s take a glance at how to update the shipping method for multiple items on eBay in bulk:

Step 1:

At first, log in to your “eBay Seller Account”. Then click on the “Active” listing option from the listing tab.

Step 2: 

We need to select the items, for which we want to update the shipping method. After that select the “Edit Selected” option.

Step 3:

On that page, you can see the items that you selected before. Then you just need to select all and then click on the “Bulk Edit” option. There you can see the Domestic Shipping and International Shipping option in the dropdown menu. Just click on the option that you want to change.

Step 4: 

After that just select the “Change To” option to choos the shipping method. Here I ma showing for the Domestic Shipping.

Step 5: 

Then you can add the shipping services that you want to set on eBay and apply. Also, you can add multiple shipping methods by clicking the “Additional domestic service” option.

Step 6: 

Finally, you need to submit them to change the shipping methods as per your need.

You can update your shipping method successfully and easily on eBay by following these steps. If you require any additional assistance, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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