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Newegg Inventory Update: How to Update Inventory Using an Excel File or a Template on Newegg 2022

Updating inventory using the template is an easy and effective process. We can update inventory in a shorter time than the manual process. The inventory template contains inventory, price information, shipping, limit quantity, and activation.

We can use this process for both Newegg Business and Newegg Canada accounts.

Now I try to describe the process step by step with images.

Step 1:

  • Firstly, we need to log in with your Newegg account 
  • Click on the toggle menu
  • Select seller portal from the menu 

Step 2:

  • From this page click on Manage items shows a dropdown 
  • From this dropdown select  Batch Update Inventory

Step 3:

  •  Select the Download File Template tab from the page.
  •  Before downloading, we must select Template File Type.  We recommend selecting the excel format.
  • No need to change other things.
  • Click DOWNLOAD FILE TEMPLATE to submit a request to prepare the template.

Note: Don’t uncheck the Download template with your items populated in the file.

Step 4:

Download file Template Status and History section

  • Newegg provides us with the last 3 days of downloads, normally. But we can select later days.
  •  Periodically click REFRESH LIST for getting Status.
  • Initial Status shows Completed (with green mark) and it will take a maximum of 20 minutes.  
  • Click Download under the Download link and save in local drive.

Step 5:

Update this downloaded excel file.

  • Don’t update/remove/modify the column and sheet names.
  • Update inventory and refresh the Instructions Sheet
  • Save the file.

Step 6:

Upload The updated file

  •  Select the Upload File 
  • Check Uploaded File Status and History and click REFRESH LIST to update Status.
  • The file status will show Complete.

Finally, we successfully updated the inventory using templates. This process is too effective and saves our time. We can update the item(s) Inventory, MSRP, MAP, Checkout Map, Selling Price, Shipping, or Activation Mark for Fulfillment Option Seller or Newegg.

Hope that this article will help you for your business. I’m  trying to describe the whole process step by step. If you have any query, please feel free to ask in the comment box.  

Thank you.

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