How to Setup Your Checkout Preferences on Shopify – Complete Guideline

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You can use Shopify’s secure checkout page to take orders and payments wherever you are selling online. To buy something online customers add things to their shopping cart and go to your checkout page to finish their shipping and payment details before completing their transactions. So, as an e-commerce vendor user, you should have total control over every element of your store’s checkout page design.

Today we will discuss how to set up checkout preferences on Shopify. We will try to describe every aspect of the checkout page and guide you on how to walk through it.

Your checkout page design should be simple and easy to use. Since this will ensure that visitors to this page will complete their purchases rather than abandon them, this may be the most important factor in determining your revenue. To set up your Shopify checkout page in a user-friendly manner and make it easier to understand, you have to make sure that the checkout preferences are wisely chosen.

You will find your checkout page option on the settings button of the Shopify dashboard. To begin, visit and log into your account. 

Select Settings from the bottom left of the screen.

You will find the Checkout option here.

To set up your checkout preferences, you should have an understanding of the following aspects:

  1. Checkout Style

The first thing that will appear on the checkout page is style. 

You can select images and add them as background on your checkout page. You can also use solid colors as your page background. You can also add your logo to this page, change some of the positionings of the images and logos and resize them to fit the dashboard. The dimensions can be changed by tiling. 

However, make sure all the changes function properly on computers, tablets, and phones. It’s worth changing the colors, adding the backgrounds, and adding a logo for brand recognition.

  1. Customer Accounts

You can decide whether customer accounts are optional, required, or disabled. You can choose the options accordingly:

  • Accounts are disabled: You can select this option if customers can immediately check out the purchase process as a guest and don’t need to open an account or log in to their account and if there is no need to grab any customer information. The information will not be pre-filled. Customers have to enter every time.
  • Accounts are optional: You can select this option whether customers have to create an account to check out or they can do it as a guest. And if they log in to their account, the information will be pre-filled. The most user-friendly option is probably selecting “accounts optional”.
  • Accounts are required: If you select this option, customers may need to check out by logging in to their account or creating a new one. This one is ideal for stores that deal with wholesalers or age-defined products.
  1. Customer Contact Method

You can select which communication method customers can use to checkout and receive updates. You can choose whether they have to provide a phone number or email. You are free to select between the options. 

But everyone doesn’t have an email address. They may be doing online shopping using a phone number. They won’t be able to attach orders and check the receiving shipping updates. So, be sure to select it more carefully.

  1. Customer Information

You can choose whether your checkout form requires extra information about your customer. If you’re using an app to do shipping, keep in mind that most shipping providers need a phone number to print a shipping label and to let the customers know about the delivery of the product and the address to deliver the product. 

You can choose whether your checkout form requires extra information about your customer. We will recommend you put the options as –

  • Require first and last name
  • Company name is optional
  • Address line 2 is optional and 
  • Shipping address and phone number are required
  1. Order Processing

Highly recommendation will be to set this option automatic fulfil orders. When an order comes through, you can use a shipping address as the billing address by default and enable address auto-completion. You will turn this off only if the fulfilment service unable to push back the tracking numbers and all filming data. Otherwise, you may get a lot more customer service headaches. You may have to send the tracking numbers on your own if you select the manual fulfilment option. 

On the other hand, automatic fulfilment will automatically archive the order by taking it off our dashboard to try and clean it up.

  1. Marketing Options

You can pre-select email marketing as a sign-up option. Be sure it is accepted by local law and regulation because, in some countries of the European Union, there are some sensitive laws around pre-signing up for email marketing. 

You can also select the SMS option instead of email marketing to send an updated template. It will send an automatic message to customers and show them the updates via text, which you can modify.

  1. Abandoned Checkout Emails

If someone has reached the point where he has entered all the information and left to do it, hit the buy button. At this point, he may get distracted. He may be on his phone or lost his internet connection. There could be several reasons he may abandon the checkout. 

At abandoned checkout emails, you can set up the period and choose to send an email to the customers who haven’t completed the order and left their products in their carts. An abandoned checkout reminder is a way to get back some of them. You can enter your customized notes and messages for sending abandoned checkout emails. We will recommend setting the period to 10 hours.

  1. Order Status Page

Customize your order status page to display options and messages based on your customer’s needs. 

On this page, you can –

  1. Checkout Language

You can translate the languages of your checkout page by editing the theme. Some themes come with translations for more than one language. You can select a different language for your checkout. 

Sum Up

The checkout page has a couple of customisations nowadays, depending on which platform you’re on. You can only modify the checkout page with logos and ink colours at Shopify basics. But you can’t change the checkout flow, can’t modify any of the graphics and can’t put any JavaScript or anything on there. But if you’re on Shopify Plus, Enterprise or existing merchants who already have an e-commerce system set up, they just need to match that current e-commerce system.  If you have questions regarding Shopify Checkout page preferences, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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