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How To Remove eBay Negative Reviews | Step By Step Tips for Sellers

185 million active buyers are on eBay and they are buying goods from more than 19 million sellers worldwide. But The craziest thing is the negative reviews on your listing detail page. It’s not always the seller’s fault but often the customer leaves a negative review after purchasing the product. In this post, we will see, how to remove negative reviews from your eBay store as a seller.

Removing Negative Reviews on eBay

As the impact of a negative review is huge, we are going to go through the ways that you can follow to remove those bad reviews from your product page. Generally, customers send negative feedback due to these issues:

✅ Service Issues
✅ Product Issues
✅ Policy Issues

We can work with these problems to improve the product page review health. But when you will get Attacked by competitors, your item can also be targeted to present as the worst item. Even the eBay algorithm can cause your shop to get negative reviews too which interns cause you to lose customers’ trust in your brand and reduce the brand value.

To remove the negative reviews from your eBay shop, you have two different ways to go through to solve the issue. These processes are:

✅ Chatting with eBay Support Center
✅ Direct Calling eBay Support Center

Going through any of these processes will require you to send eBay the necessary credentials to ensure your claim is legitimate. Then, after all the processes are done, eBay will remove the Negative Review from your product page for good!

Method 1: Removing eBay Negative Reviews Through Chatting

If you are getting wrongful Negative Reviews on your eBay store due to issues like out-of-stock, and other policies then you can directly contact eBay and chat with them to solve the issues.

To resolve the Negative Review issue, you may be required to send eBay the proper credentials and paperwork to support your case. You will need to show eBay, where you have been wrongly accused. After going over all your provided reports and viewing the customer review, eBay will provide you with their decision.

To find the eBay chat option, you will need to go to the Customer Service tab under the Home button. Then you can browse the Choose a topic and finally go to the Contact Us tab to chat with eBay customer support.

If you have perfectly represented yourself, then eBay will remove the wrongful Negative Review from your store and improve your brand reputation to your customers.

Method 2: Removing eBay Negative Reviews Through Direct Calling

You can also remove your eBay store’s negative reviews by directly contacting eBay Support and resolving the issue there. You will need to do the same here too. You will be required to example of the complete issue to eBay’s customer service phone number which is open 24 hours. 

There you will also need to submit the required information that supports your complaint perfectly. Remember that, your provided documents and statement will be cross-examined by eBay to decide if your claim has any ground or not.

After accessing all your documents and statements, eBay will remove the Negative Review given by the customer. But, if you fail to provide strong evidence that supports your claim, eBay will not remove the Negative Review from your store.

You have to remember that you will need to build a strong case against the Negative Review as eBay greatly values its customers the most. So, having all the information and credential is very necessary for deciding to remove a customer’s Negative Review. You can get the eBay customer care number below.


Before you call eBay, remember to note down the below things:

✅ Your eBay username
✅ Your eBay main phone number
✅ Your eBay primary email address
✅ Details of the order/customer review you want to remove


So my tips will be to be polite with your customers, try to understand them, and if possible solve their issues. These will increase your brand value, Sooner or later city will talk about your good selling manners.

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