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How to Increase Sales on eBay | Step-by-Step Guide – Part 1

eBay is a global online auction and trading company launched by American entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar in 1995. eBay was one of the first companies to create and market an Internet Web site to match buyers and sellers of goods and services. Getting sales is an easy task on eBay if you are offering comparative prices, fast shipping, and strong eBay customer service. People pay to or from the eBay app to expect the best service. Today you will find the hacks about how to Increase Sales on eBay. There are 16 actions you should look after. In this blog, you will see 8 of the top factors to Increase Sells On eBay.

1. List new items every day

Stores that are active and offer new products on an ongoing basis are rewarded. The eBay marketplace algorithm favors sellers that list new products often, so keeping your listings fresh will help you to increase your sales on eBay. Additionally, new items show up at the top of the “Time: Newly Listed” option on eBay’s search.

2. Try an eBay-promoted listings campaign

As a paid advertising service, eBay seller hub promoted listings are the opportunity to get your inventory in front of more potential customers. If used effectively it could give your sales figures a great boost! eBay Promoted Listings are eligible to appear more often in prominent locations – similar to paid search engine ads. So if you want more sales, this is a proactive approach. Here are some points that you need to know while doing eBay promotions.

  • Advertise those items that are in high demand and that you have in your stock. 
  • Promoted listings drive more traffic to your ‘best match’ listings. 
  • You can set a daily budget for the eBay PPC for each item &
  • Make sure that your eBay listings are perfect and optimized before running the promotion.

3. Use keywords to attract views

Keywords can play a vital role on eBay to get your product ranked organically. You need to choose your KWs wisely on eBay as you only get 80 chars on the Title. So let’s say, for instance, if I am selling a shirt, I must use the KW ‘shirt’ at the very beginning, not at the end. Cotton Shirt for men is a good Title with good KWs. But if I put the KWs at the end, that would not make it good at all.

4. Ship fast and free (whenever possible)

All online shoppers want free shipping and returns, but not all eCommerce businesses can offer it. Offering free shipping is another great way to increase eBay sales – but make sure you only offer it once you’ve covered the cost.

5. Remove negative reviews

No one likes getting negative feedback or being criticized. But the harsh reality is that it is a part of business and life! Removing negative feedback on eBay makes a huge difference to your- reputation, product visibility, and sales. What’s worse is that it can sometimes be completely out of your control. If you’ve been left a bad review – don’t panic! You can remove negative feedback on eBay in some cases, or fix the situation to encourage the customer to take it down themselves.

If you can reduce your negative feedback, you’ll be surprised how much it increases eBay sales. Be professional and polite in your response. If there is a mistake on the buyer’s behalf, explain this clearly. If the problem was your fault, apologize and say what steps you’ll take to ensure it won’t happen again.

6. Get eBay Top Rated Seller status

eBay’s top-rated seller status is an incentive for sellers to provide excellent customer service and offer a generous returns policy. Let’s take a look at how to become a top-rated seller on eBay.

  • An active account for 90 days or more
  • A minimum of 100 transactions and $1,000 in sales with US shoppers over the past year
  • A history of resolving customer issues. cases closed without a seller resolution can’t exceed 0.3% – or two cases
  • A maximum defect rate of 0.5% on transactions
  • No more than 3% of late shipping 

7. Offer a generous return policy

Unfortunately, returns are a part of eCommerce life. eCommerce returns aren’t all bad news though. Having a clear, well-written eCommerce returns policy is just good business sense. Here’s what to include in yours.

  • Explain what types of returns or exchanges you offer.
  • Describe the condition required for all returned products.
  • Determine the return and exchange period.
  • Be upfront about return shipping costs.
  • Give step-by-step instructions for making a return.
  • Tell the customer what happens after they send in their return.
  • Explain what happens if a return is denied.
  • For large online stores, consider a FAQ page.
  • Returns can be good for business.

8. Share your listing on social media

Social media has been the fastest-growing driver of eCommerce referrals in recent years. Instagram’s growing eCommerce influence has been a massive contributor to this. Selling on Instagram has become much easier and is now an essential part of e-commerce marketing. Let’s know how to sell on Instagram-

  • Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Connect a Facebook catalog
  • Sign up for the Instagram app
  • Turning Instagram Shopping on and 
  • Start tagging.

Now that you know how to sell on Instagram, you should work to constantly improve your presence on the platform. Use Instagram Insights to gather data and improve your posts.

Extra Tip: Don’t Forget to Check This!

We were more careful about all the steps. But before starting selling on eBay, select your items. Be prepared to ship them. So follow eBay stock and your available quantity. Never put inventory on your eBay listing that you can’t ship.

  • Provide eBay customer service to Increase Sells on eBay
  • Ship every ordered item on time
  • Set a competitive p[price
  • Product description should be presentable

This is a very simple process but you can’t be in a hurry while passing. We think you can also surely Increase sales on eBay.


If you’ve been looking for an all-in-all e-commerce business solution, you should try to give your workload to eBay if you want to Increase Sales on eBay. You must follow these 8 points. Top-rated eBay sellers never miss this. So you also have to cope with it after you start selling.

In the entire post, we have gone through the 8 important steps of How to Increase Sales on eBay. To add an Amazon A+/EBC lookalike page on eBay, please use our BoostOnTime service. We successfully tried to show you the in-depth process. If you find this post useful and handy, please share it with your friends and the e-commerce enthusiast.

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