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How to Increase Sales On eBay | Grow Your eBay Business – Step By Step Guide

eBay has been ranked among the top five biggest marketplaces in the world, with Amazon leading the lot. There aren’t many online marketplaces worldwide that can claim to reach almost 175 million active buyers worldwide – but that’s how many shoppers eBay saw in just the first quarter of last year. Reaching even a fraction of this number would be considered a huge success. It is an online shopping site that functions as a business-to-consumer E-tailing enterprise and a consumer-to-consumer E-tailing business.

Increasing Sells On eBay

Setting up a store is fairly simple, but if you want to sell more on eBay you’ll need to focus on the details. To increase eBay sales, understanding what pushes some stores to the top is key. Much of it has to do with the way eBay’s search engine works. eBay’s search engine helps customers find the items that are most relevant to their search. Just like Google’s search algorithm, the precise formula is kept secret to prevent manipulation. However, there are a few tested techniques that are known to impact ratings and drive conversion which are:

✅ List New Items Every Day
✅ eBay-Promoted Listings Campaign
✅ Use Keywords to Attract Views
✅ Ship Fast and Free
✅ Remove Negative Reviews
✅ Get eBay Top Rated Seller Status
✅ Offer a Generous Return Policy
✅ Share Listings on Social Media
✅ Use Markdown Manager Tool to Run Sales
✅ Refresh Your Store Using “Bulk Edit”
✅ Use Email Marketing
✅ Sell at the Right Price
✅ Maintain Great Seller Ratings
✅ Include Enough High-Quality Images Per Product
✅ Provide Great Customer Service
✅ Write Clear Descriptions

1. List New Items Every Day

Stores that are active and offer new products on an ongoing basis are rewarded. The algorithm favors sellers that list new products often, so keeping your listings fresh will help you to increase your sales on eBay. Additionally, new items show up at the top of the “Time: Newly Listed” option on eBay’s search. If you can’t list every day, use the scheduling feature and schedule items for those days you know you won’t have time. Avoid using duplicate listings and remember to go to your ended items and delete the original ones.

2. eBay-Promoted Listings Campaign

As a paid advertising service, eBay Promoted Listings is an opportunity to get your inventory in front of more potential customers. If used effectively it could give your sales figures a great boost! eBay Promoted Listings are eligible to appear more often in prominent locations – similar to paid search engine ads. So if you want more sales, this is a proactive approach. Here are some points that you need to know while doing eBay promotions.

✅ Advertise items that are in high demand
✅ Promoted listings drive more traffic to “Best Match” listings
✅ Set a daily budget for the eBay PPC for each item
✅ Make sure the listings are perfect and optimized before running promotions

3. Use Keywords to Attract Views

Keywords are the words the searchers enter into the search bar to find what they need. The KW can play a vital role in eBay to get your product ranked organically. You need to choose your KWs wisely on eBay as you only get 80 chars. So let’s say, for instance, if I am selling a shirt, I must use the KW ‘shirt’ at the very beginning, not at the end.

Cotton Shirt for men is a good Title with good KWs. But if I put the KWs at the end, that would not make it good at all. One of the easiest ways of doing keyword research is to pretend you’re the buyer and perform multiple searches for what’s in your inventory.

4. Ship Fast and Free

All online shoppers want free shipping and returns, but not all eCommerce businesses can offer it. Offering free shipping is another great way to increase eBay sales – but make sure you only offer it once you’ve checked the cost. Let me tell you one more thing! As a result of offering free shipping across your products, you’ll get more views on your listing.

5. Remove Negative Reviews

No one likes getting negative feedback or being criticized. But the harsh reality is that it is a part of business and life! Removing negative feedback on eBay makes a huge difference to your- reputation, product visibility, and sales. Here are two of the processes to remove negative feedback.

6. Get eBay Top Rated Seller Status

eBay’s top-rated seller status is an incentive for sellers to provide excellent customer service and offer a generous return policy. Here are some guidelines that will help you become a top-rated seller on eBay.

✅ Active account for 90 days or more
✅ Minimum of 100 transactions and $1,000 in sales with US shoppers the past year
✅ History of resolving customer issues
✅ Maximum defect rate of 0.5% on transactions
✅ No more than 3% of transactions with late shipping
✅ Tracking handling time and carrier validation for 95% of transactions
✅ Following eBay’s selling practices policy

7. Offer a Generous Return Policy

Unfortunately, returns are a part of eCommerce life. eCommerce returns aren’t all bad news though. Having a clear,well-written eCommerce returns policy is just good business sense. Here are some things that you want to include in the Return Policy.

✅ Explain what types of returns or exchanges you offer
✅ Describe the condition required for all returned products
✅ Determine the return and exchange period
✅ Be upfront about return shipping costs
✅ Give step-by-step instructions for making a return
✅ Tell the customer what happens after they send in their return
✅ Explain what happens if a return is denied
✅ For large online stores, consider a FAQ page
✅ Make it easy to find
✅ Returns can be good for business

8. Share Listings on Social Media

Social media has been the fastest-growing driver of eCommerce referrals in recent years. Instagram’s growing eCommerce influence has been a massive contributor to this. Selling on Instagram has become much easier and is now an essential part of eCommerce marketing.

9. Use Markdown Manager Tool to Run Sales

eBay’s  Markdown Manager promotional tool allows you to offer discounts on your items and set up sales on your eBay shop. Potential customers love bargains and the eBay algorithm knows that. Use the markdown manager so you can run easily sales. This is useful for increasing positive ratings and maximizing positive reviews.

10. Refresh Your Store Using “Bulk Edit”

If your store has thousands of products, you’ll probably be familiar with eBay’s bulk editing tool, which saves you time by editing multiple items at once. All you have to do is edit your items in batches instead of editing them all at once. The bulk listing tool makes it easy for sellers to keep all the product information in check!

11. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. Before sending out an email or newsletter, you must have a plan for your message. You will need to make your message compelling and unique. Keep in mind that there are 25 million eBay sellers, and if all of them are sending out newsletters to eBay buyers, you will get lost in the crowd unless there is something very special about your newsletter.

12. Sell at the Right Price

Selling on multiple marketplaces is important for online retailers who are aiming to maximize their sales. It increases your pool of potential customers and provides huge growth potential. The price of your listings is the most important variable that online retailers deal with. It plays an influential role. The Buy Box and Best Match performances of your products as well as determining the profit you take once you’ve made a sale.

13. Maintain Great Seller Ratings

eBay rewards sellers that maintain consistently good ratings. It represents how high your sales are and how much positive feedback you have received. That’s why your feedback score will impact your rankings. The feedback score usually shows how many points a seller has received based on this system. You need to take steps to ensure you receive positive ratings. Here are some of the ways to get positive reviews or ratings.

✅ Make sure your product listings are accurate
✅ Use great images
✅ Provide top-class customer service
✅ Respond to negative feedback
✅ Personalize your customer messages
✅ Proactively request feedback

14. Include Enough High-Quality Images Per Product

Customers are mostly attracted to products that have beautiful and high-resolution images. The first thing we notice when we shop online or offline is the product image. So we have to put the image of every product on eBay in the same way with good resolution. You should take photos from different angles, including close-ups so that it’s easy to see each item in detail. eBay allows you to upload 12 pictures for free – even if you think your listing doesn’t need that many, make it a point to upload as many photos as you can.

15. Write Clear Descriptions

A good listing title and great photos might get your listing views, but they can’t always make the sale alone. A good description closes the deal by answering questions and building excitement. And yes eBay is one of the most popular online sales platforms out there. To use it effectively, though, you must have a quality product description. Keep these tips in mind as you start crafting your descriptions.

✅ Use Keywords
✅ Make It Easy to Skim and Read
✅ Keep It Short
✅ List Product Benefits at the Top
✅ Create an eBay Description Template
✅ Ignore grammatical or spelling errors by using a proofreading editor
✅ Try to avoid Sloppy descriptions
✅ Well-written description improves conversion rates and ranks your products

16. Provide Great Customer Service

Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. That’s why offering exceptional eCommerce customer service is so important. Responding to questions fast, addressing problems quickly, and having a polite attitude will help you sell more. Communication with the customer is very important in business. Remember that the better the communication, the better the customer relationship. With so many competitors on eBay, one of your differentiating factors is how well you treat your customers.


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