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How to Create Variation Products on StoreAutomator and List Items on Amazon through StoreAutomator

Variation listings are one of the best ways to improve your product’s discoverability and conversion funnel. If you have multiple variations of the same product, there is no better way to showcase them than to leverage the listing variation. Adding variations to your listings can significantly enhance customers’ experience by simplifying the process of purchasing. With StoreAutomator you can create variation products and can list them directly to Amazon. In this article, we will discuss how you can Create Variation Products on StoreAutomator both Manually and in Bulk and List them on Amazon.

Create Variation Products on StoreAutomator

The biggest advantage of adding a listing variation is that shoppers have several options available in one go. They don’t need to scroll through crowded search results for their desired size, color, flavor etc. This eventually boosts your conversion rates and adds to overall revenue to a good extent. 

You can easily create variation products on StoreAutomator. You can do it both manually and in bulk. Also, you can directly list these variation products on Amazon from StoreAutomator. Once you finish your listing, you can also manage your inventory, orders, and shipping from this single platform as well. Follow the below full procedure step by step.

Step 1: First of all log into your StoreAutomator account.

Manual Listing Process

Step 2: Click on the Inventory dropdown (top left of the screen) and select Product from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Right after that, click on the “+Add Product” (Top right of the screen)

After clicking the Add Product option the Product Creation page will come up. On this product creation page, we have to provide all the required information like – Brand name, SKUVariation TypeProduct NamePrice, etc. And Remember that at first on this page we have to choose the product type option Parent or Child.

After providing all the information we have to click on the Create button

Step 4: In this step, we need to provide all the necessary information to the parent that we created a while ago. For that, we have to search that created item and click this edit option (Middle right of the screen)

Here we have to provide required attributes Like- Item name, Brand name, Description, Images, Category, etc. And click on Save and Close options for finishing your product creation.

Step 5: After creating the parent item, we need to create child items. So again we have to go to the +Add Product option

Here we have to create the child item the same as the parent items, we just need to change the item type. We have to provide here all the required information like – Brand name, SKUVariation TypeProduct NamePrice, etc

Also, after providing all the information we have to press the Create button.

Step 6: After creating the parent-child item, we have to add the child item into our parent SKU from the variations option. For that, we have to go to the parent item and click on the edit option (middle right of the screen)

When we will entered the parent items edit option, here we have to click the Variations option to add our child items.

Click the +Add Variant option

After clicking the Add Variant option another window will come up. Here at first, we have to choose to “Convert a Single Product to a Variant“. Then search the child item and provide all the required information. 

After providing all the required information click the +Add button to add the child.

Following the same procedure, we can add more child items.

Adding all the child items then click on the Save & Close button

Step 7: So, the final part is we have to list them on Amazon. So again we have to click on the parent item edit option

Click on the Channels option

Select your “Amazon” marketplace from the channel, and click on the Include option.

And click on the “Save and Close” option.

Bulk Listing Process

Step 8: For the bulk listing, we have to to the Tools to Import dropdown menu and click on From File option

Then have to upload our bulk listing file in the Drop files section.

If our file status is successfully uploaded, we can see the green notifications tab. And you can see our 100% complete notification here.

This is the way you can easily create variation products on Store Automator and list them on Amazon. Hope you have understood the whole process. If you need any further additional information regarding this please write it down in the comment section below. To keep yourself updated with the latest trends to maximize revenues across all of your sales channels you can sign up for our Ecomclips newsletter.

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