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Contact ChannelAdvisor Support Centre in 2022 – How to Solve Issues on Channel Advisor

Chanleladvisor is a leading cloud-based multi-channel eCommerce platform. It has been assisting businesses and shops all around the world to enhance their online performance for over two decades. Thousands of businesses rely on Channeladvisor to safely run their operations across hundreds of channels including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, Facebook, and others. With Channeladvisor, you can manage your product data, create new products, channels, sales, upload inventory, orders, etc. While you are doing things on Channeladvisor, you might face some issues and need further help. To navigate issues or proper solutions, you can get help from the Channeladvisor support center. In this article, we will show you how to contact with Channeladvisor support center in 2022.

Before deep-diving into the process, you need to know about the newly updated support center and the case of Channeladvisor.

What is Case?

A case in ChannelAdvisor is a method to contact ChannelAdvisor’s support system with your problems or inquiries. So to get answers to your queries or fix your issues, you can reach the Channeladvisor support center by creating a case. For example, suppose you are having trouble getting your product listed on Channeladvisor. To resolve this issue, you need to create a case on Channeladvisor through its support center and it will take proper action to navigate your problems.

How to create a case on ChannelAdvisor?

As Channeladvisor updated so many features and interfaces like a completely new support center, it may be difficult to find out the feature contact support for creating a case. To contact ChannelAdvisor Support Center, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: First you have to login into your ChannelAdvisor account.

Step 2: After that, You will find the logo of the channel advisor in the top left corner. Click on the advisor logo for the next step.

Step 3: It will redirect you to the Product Catalog page. Here, go to the Help menu and click on the Contact Support option.

Step 4: On the Contact Support page, please select Support Case – I need help and click on the Continue button for further process.

Step 5: You will find a completely changed new Support Center window of ChannelAdvisor. Now, Select General Case Form

Step 6: In the General Case Form, you need to submit all the required files for your contact reason. After submitting your files, your Account will be automatically selected in the Contact Details option. Please select the Remote Access for Case Contact and Watch List option.

Step 7: Now choose the Case Topic from the drop-down as per your requirements.

Step 8: Please select one or more channels that your inquiry is in reference to. This is actually you need to select the marketplace that you have the inquiry.

Step 9: In the Description, give the Subject of your contact reason. And the next fill you can describe the Contact reason briefly. Also, you can customize your message using the newly introduced Html Format. In Additional Information, you need to select your account.

Step 10: Is this a business-critical issue? If you choose Yes then ChannelAdvisor support will take your issue more seriously and reply to you fast. We recommend choosing Yes.

Step 11: In the last part you can Add attachments like images.

Step 12: Now it’s time to submit your case by clicking on Submit Button.

To conclude, Whether you are facing any issues managing your inventory, or you just have a question about your Channeladvisor account, it could be difficult to find out the proper solution. Thankfully, Channeladvisor has a support center to resolve your issues or answer your queries. You just need to create a case via contact support and they will assist you with the exact solution or fix them from their end. We hope that now you are able to get in touch with the Channeladvisor support center by following our given instructions. If you face any problem with contacting ChannelAdvisor Support or any other issues then feel free to contact us. We are the e-commerce experts out there for you to help. Please keep reading our blog. We will come up with another important topic for ChannelAdvisor very soon.

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