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A coupon code is one of the best technique to enhance your Amazon business. By generating a coupon code, not only you can manage the level of discounts but also attract new customers. So take a look in this article and learn some secrets like “how to generate coupon code on amazon seller central.

If you want to promote your business for some quick exposure, attract a new base of customers, get a quick revenue blast or introduce yourself to the market you need to work out a good promotional strategy. There are a few different strategies that can give you this feat. Among these, a Coupon code is one of the best.

Okay, enough of the introduction. Now know what is

Coupon Code

In e-commerce, a coupon code is a computer-generated code which consists of numbers or letters. Customers can use the codes at the time of adding the item to the cart. A merchant can decide what he wants to offer in the coupon codes. For instance – fixed discount, percentage off or other kinds of discounts. Also, he can control how to initiate and market the promotion, quantity of the units and transactions customers can redeem, and most importantly the discount amount.

Benefits of coupon codes:

  1. Attract new customers
  2. Promote business
  3. Increase sales
  4. Move older products

How coupon code can give you a sales boost

Customers are always trying to find out the best products at affordable prices. So, the discounted price will definitely attract them. Using coupon code does not only save their money but also increases the chances that they will revisit your shop. This will help to increase your sales and traffic. And it will be a great scope for you to sell your old items and promote the new ones.

In Amazon Seller Central, you can create coupon code in the following ways-

  1. Percentage Off promotion
  2. Social Media Promo Code
  3. Coupons

You can run the first 2 operations as free. But you need to add a budget for the 3rd option. We will show you the procedure of coupon code generation by using Percentage Off Promotion.

Procedure of creating coupon code:

Navigating to Promotions

Step 1


First of all go to the “Amazon Seller Central” Portal

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 2:

Go tot the “ADVERTISING” section & click to the “Promotions” option.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 3:

“Promotions” Dashboard page will appear after clicking on the promotion

option. To generate a coupon code, select “Percentage Off” option and click on Create button.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 4:

Now we need to fill these 3 options to complete the promotion.

Condition Section

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 5:

To select products for the promotion click on “Create a new product selection”.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 6:

Select your product type and continue the process.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 7:

Write a name on the “Product Selection Name/Tracking ID” field and put the product on the “ASIN List” box. You can add up to 4000 individual ASINs here and separate them by newlines, spaces, commas or semicolons. And click on the Submit button to end the product selection process.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 8-A:

After completing the “product selection”, now fill up the “Conditions” option. Select “Buyer Purchases” option from the drop-down. You can select the option either you want to offer Money off or the least quantity of items for which the coupon will be applied.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 8-B.

Select the “Purchased Items” list from the drop-down. If you want to apply the coupon code for the whole inventory, just click on the “Entire catalog” from the selection tab.

Step 8-C:

Complete the “Buyer gets” option. It will define how much you want to offer. For example: if you want to offer 5% coupon code, just write the number (5) in the blank field.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Scheduling Section

Step 9:

To validate your offer, complete the “Scheduling” option. Add Start Date (Place the date here from when you want to start the promotion), End Date (The last date of the offer), Internal Description (You can write the same name here that you have used in the “Internal Description” of product selection part. It will help you to find out the group of  products easily ) on the respective field.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Additional Option Section

Step 10-A:

Now go to the “Additional Options”. Click on “Customize messaging” to expand other options.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 10-B:

You will find 3 options in the  “Claim Code” section – Single-use (Customers will not use this code again), Group (Group claim code have no quantity limits. If the group claim code is posted on a social media site your entire inventory could sell out in a short amount of time and None (Select this option if you don’t want to generate coupon code). If you want to generate a Single use coupon code, select “Single-use”.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 10-C:

You can keep the “Checkout display text” as it is or write a new one (if you want to). This message will be shown up on the product page. To review the whole settings, click on the “Review” button.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 10-D:

If everything goes alright, click on “Submit” button. However, it will take some time to activate the offer.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Generating the codes

Step 11-A:

After submitting the offer, go back to “Manage Your Promotions”. Now search for your offer and click on the “View” button.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 11b-B:

You will find an option named “Manage claim codes” under “View Promotion”. Click here to generate your coupon codes.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 11-C:

Now write a Group Name (Give a name of your claim code group and your codes will be generated under that name) and Quantity (How many coupon codes you want to generate) in the respective field and click on “Create” button. After clicking on the “Create” button, your coupon codes will be generated.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Step 11-D:

Your coupon codes will be ready to download within a short while. Now click on the “Download” and you will get a Zip File of your requested amount of the coupon codes.

Generate Coupon Code on Amazon

Send Coupon Codes to Buyer:

Extract the Zip file and send the coupon codes to the buyers. Along with the coupon code, you can write a Thank you message and send it via Amazon message or any mailing software. Alternatively, you can include printed coupon codes to be shipped along with their merchandise.

**Coupons are valid for a limited time only. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time.

Coupons are one of the most used popular promotional strategies to attract

the new and keep the repeated customers. Offering coupon code at the right time and place will be a great chance to boost your sales! And will help your business to grow quickly.

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