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Export Active Listing Information from Ecomdash

In this article, we will show how to export active listing information of eBay, Amazon, Website, Ne & NEB from Ecomdash.

You can easily export your necessary information on active listings from Ecomdash. Exporting the listing information you can analyze, check, and find errors.

To export active listings from Ecomdash, log into Ecomdash, hover over Settings, and click on Bulk Import/Export.

Click on view on Manual Export Formats.

Click on Add New and type the name of the new format.

Select the Storefront, Warehouse, and click on Add Attribute.

Search your necessary attributes and click on the Plus sign to add them in your format.

After selecting attributes click on Back to go back.

Click on the Save button.

Hover over Products and click on All Products.

Select the items and click on the Export Selected Inventory.

Select your format and click on Export.

Now your request is in processing when your file will be ready to download you will find the status “Compete”. Hover over the action and click on the Download file.

Your file will be downloaded with all of your information.

In the same way, you can download your required information for eBay, Newegg, Newegg Business, and your other active marketplaces. Please let us know if you have any queries. Please subscribe to our channel to stay updated.

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