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Exciting E-commerce News & Updates: August 2023 | Amazon, Walmart, and More

E-commerce is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, constantly adapting to improve the experience for both sellers and buyers. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest and most significant updates and news from August 2023 in the world of e-commerce. From Amazon’s preparations for the holiday season to Walmart’s innovative shopping experiences, there’s a lot to explore.

A quick look into the article:

  • Amazon’s Warehouse Solution
  • Archiving Orders Older Than Two Years
  • Ban on Mouth Tape Sales
  • Unbranded Packaging Program for Multi-Channel Fulfillment Sellers
  • Walmart’s Digital-First Shopping Experience
  • Review Accelerator Program at Walmart

Amazon’s Warehouse Solution:

As the holiday season approaches, Amazon faces two pressing challenges. First, there’s a shortage of available warehouses, and second, existing warehouses are running out of space to accommodate new inventory. Amazon’s proposed solution, however, may not be welcomed by all sellers. Commencing from September 15, 2023, Amazon is considering removing aging inventory items unless sellers explicitly opt-out.

To safeguard your aging inventory, navigate to your Automated Fulfillable Inventory settings. Here, you have two options:

  1. Return Aging Inventory: By selecting this option and providing a valid return address, you can ensure that your aging inventory is returned to you.
  1. Disable Automatic Removal: Opt for this option if you wish to prevent your inventory from being automatically removed. It’s crucial to note that once the removal process is initiated, it cannot be reversed, so choose wisely.

Archiving Orders Older Than Two Years:

In another development, Amazon plans to archive orders that are older than two years, effective from September 2023. However, customer privacy remains a top priority. Rest assured, archived orders will not contain any personally identifiable information. If you anticipate needing order data for accounting or tax purposes, it’s essential to download this information within two years of the order placement date.

Ban on Mouth Tape Sales:

With customer safety in mind, Amazon has taken the decision to prohibit the sale of mouth tape on its platform. This action aims to mitigate potential risks associated with products like allergic reactions and breathing obstructions. If you believe your product has been incorrectly categorized as mouth tape, you can contact a provided email address with the necessary evidence for reconsideration.

Unbranded Packaging Program for Multi-Channel Fulfillment Sellers:

For multi-channel fulfillment sellers on Amazon, there’s excellent news. Amazon is expanding its unbranded packaging program, which allows you to ship orders in plain packaging at no additional cost. You now have the flexibility to choose which orders qualify for this treatment based on your specific e-commerce channel requirements.

Walmart’s Digital-First Shopping Experience:

Walmart is introducing an innovative digital-first shopping experience that enables customers to connect with their favorite celebrities. Collaborating with notable figures such as NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, global superstar Becky G, and pop culture icon Barbie, Walmart has curated shoppable carts filled with their handpicked items from the store. This new initiative simplifies the process of discovering, sharing, and purchasing celebrity-endorsed products from Walmart.

Review Accelerator Program at Walmart:

In an effort to encourage customers to provide honest feedback, Walmart has launched the Review Accelerator Program. When customers purchase a participating product, they are invited to leave a genuine review in exchange for a $3 reward to be used toward their next purchase. Marketplace sellers are subject to a $10 service fee per review, with a maximum of five incentivized reviews permitted per item. Notably, all reviews, regardless of the rating, will be posted and marked with an “Incentivized Review” badge.


These e-commerce updates signal significant changes in the landscape, with platforms like Amazon and Walmart actively adapting to better serve sellers and buyers alike. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting developments in the e-commerce world. Should you have any questions or seek further information on specific topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email. Remember, success in e-commerce is just a click away!

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