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eBay Advertising: How to Optimize eBay Standard and Advanced PPC Campaign for Best Result in 2022

eBay is an excellent platform for gaining brand visibility and connecting with a broader audience of new customers. Putting your products up for sale online is just one part of maximizing the benefits of online marketplaces. When you invest time into eBay listing optimization, you will reap the rewards of increased visibility. eBay ads can boost the visibility of your products by allowing them to feature at the top of the listings. With millions of products on the platform, eBay is a competitive place, and if you’re competing against hundreds of sellers all selling the same product, it can be difficult to stand out .If you can optimize your campaign properly  then ,you don’t need to worry about sales .

optimize eBay campaigns :

eBay campaign optimization could be done by using some strategies . In this blog we will discuss how to optimize the eBay campaign perfectly . As eBay offers mainly two types of campaign ,“Standard Campaign” and “Advanced Campaign” ,we have to optimize both types of campaign .so we have to optimize our campaign  by following below mentioned steps

  • Standard Campaign Optimization.
  • Advanced Campaign Optimization.

Standard Campaigns Optimization:
Among eBay campaigns, this campaign one is most familiar as a standard campaign use pay per sale method , however for optimizing “Standard Campaign” , you have to follow some strategies .

  • Increased  ad rate for the items with high conversion rate.
  • Use “Listing Report “ to optimize your items properly.
  • Increase the ad rate for the items that are getting  high traffic without any sales 
  • Set a discount to the items for more conversion.

Advanced Campaigns Optimization:
This campaign are  “Cost Per Click” campaign like other marketplace campaign ,here you have to pay ,for every clicks ,so if you don’t optimize your “Advanced Campaign” properly ,it will cost  a lot without any sales .for optimizing you “Advanced campaign” ,follow the steps mentioned below

  • Increased bids for  good salling keywords.
  • Decrease bids for those keywords that are spending without any sales .
  • Add more high search volume keywords that will generate more traffic.
  • Use “ Keywords Report “ to optimize your targeting properly.
  • Use keywords with different match types 

In addition ,you can set up ad promotions and set discounts that will attract more buyers to your advertising campaign and your sales will be boosted up.

Following  all the steps will help your advertising campaign to run  perfectly  . We hope this article will help you to optimize the ebay campaign . If you need any assistance, please comment on the below section. We are always here to assist you.

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