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Codisto: Easy UI and Budget Friendly Multi-Channel Listing Management Software

Codisto, A Strong Alternative to High Cost and Complex Multi-Channel Softwares. Getting profit in an eCommerce business is very tough nowadays. Managing costs are getting higher and higher. Sellers who have business in multiple marketplaces rely on Multi-Channel Management Software. So, sellers need Multi-Channel software whose cost is low, and the user interface is so easy that its operational cost is lower. Previously, this kind of Software was very costly, and the interface was complicated, so the managing cost of the software is getting higher. But day to day, they are becoming very budget-friendly, and many startup businesses can easily take to selling on all the marketplaces at once. Many Softwares are dominating the market now, and CODISTO is one of them. It’s from CODISTO Channel Cloud Corporation. Unlike others, its pricing is more reasonable than others.

Chapter 1: Codisto Introduction

Chapter 1.1:  What is Codisto?

Codisto is a Multichannel Listing Management Software. A great way to sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, and more at a time. Any seller can create new channel listings and sync product details, prices & inventory directly from their eCommerce platform. Codisto automatically transfers orders and sync shipment status between sales channels and the eCommerce platform for easy fulfillment, making e-commerce more convenient for all sellers. 

It syncs website product values or specifies custom values for any field such as price, title, or description. So the control is in the seller’s hand. Codisto Channel Cloud is ‘launch-ready,’ meaning there is no re-platforming and no data source migration. That means you do not need a different dashboard for managing.  Stick with your existing eCommerce platform, add Codisto Channel Cloud and sell more. Codisto has a “100% real-time sync across all fields” feature, which they call Codisto SmartSync™. 

Chapter 1.2: Codisto SmartSync™

Codisto has lightning-fast syncing technology; you do not need to wait for hours to sync the changes to the marketplaces. Codisto SmartSync™ is the world-leading sync engine powered by the Codisto Channel Cloud integrations; It keeps inventory, pricing, and product data synced in real-time across all of your connected channels.

All inventory counts are updated in the platform’s catalog and across all of your sales channels. As soon as they occur, orders are received instantly in your existing e-commerce platform’s order flow. Any changes made to the pricing and product data from the eCommerce platform catalog are immediately reflected in all marketplaces that are connected. 

  • Order Sync: All sales channel orders are sent to the existing order flow, and sales channels are updated with the shipment date and tracking info,
  • Inventory Sync: Inventory counts remain in sync on all channels and avoid the risk of overselling,
  • Pricing Sync: Every change to pricing and product details in the online store catalog will instantly be reflected on sales channel listings and reduce loss. 

Chapter 1.3: Codisto XpressGrid™

Codisto offers an easy and less complex user interface. Codisto named it, XpressGrid™.It is a market-leading interface that lets you view, edit and manage all of your sales channel listings in one place.

It has powerful search and filter options and a fully customizable grid. It will give you the ability to use rules and operators to combine fields from across your catalog. The Codisto XpressGrid™ provides fast, intuitive creation of sales channel listings with the flexibility to meet your bespoke needs.

  • Easy UI: Easy and spread-sheet style interface, No complex operation at all. 
  • Bulk Listing: Sellers can create new listings in bulk.
  • Bulk Editing: Edit products individually or in filtered groups with a powerful search & filter.
  • Rules & Functions: Use rules & operators to combine fields and create new values for powerful marketplace search optimizations.

Chapter 1.4: Order Flow in Codisto 

Codisto integrates all the connected sales channels seamlessly into the existing order flow. Sales channel orders are received directly into your eCommerce platform’s orders page to be fulfilled and reviewed alongside orders from your online store.

You can use customizable tags for the orders. Incoming orders can be tagged by channel, and you choose whether to review channel orders before fulfillment or have Codisto Channel Cloud automatically send them into your existing order flow for centralized multi-channel fulfillment.

  • Order Fulfillment: Review and fulfill channel orders from within your existing order flow,
  • Real-time Sync: Inventory counts synced in real-time from transferred orders,
  • Third-party Shipping: Works with third-party shipping and fulfillment solutions,
  • Sync Status and Tracking:  Sales channels are updated with shipment status and tracking data.

Chapter 2: How Codisto Works

Chapter 2.1:  Primary Channel

Codisto works differently from the other Multichannel Software. It needs a Primary Channel for a Managing Station. Codisto allows BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, EcWid as primary channels. 

So, you need at least one of the above platforms to use Codisto. Codisto uses that platform as the primary Content, Inventory, and Price provider. After syncing all of the products, any customization made on the product listing or change in the inventory immediately reflects on the connected marketplaces. 

Chapter 2.1.1:  Installing the Codisto Channel Cloud

Codisto offers its cloud software for all of the most common eCommerce platforms. Their website has all of the software in one place. 

Chapter 2.1.2:  Connecting Codisto to the Marketplaces

After completing the installation, Seller needs to connect their account to the codes to the app. It will need their marketplace account info and the API info. After connecting to the marketplace, Some steps will guide the seller to the ultimate dashboard of this software. 

Chapter 2.1.3:  All Product Listing Dashboard

The Codisto interface allows the seller to see all of the products at once on the dashboard. The seller can see which of the items are synced, not synced, ready to sync, etc. This dashboard will give the seller the privilege of managing listings in BULK. 

Chapter 2.1.4:  Import All Orders

When the marketplace is connected to the Codisto cloud app, then all of the orders from the marketplace will be placed in the Seller Platform via the Codisto app. Then a seller can fulfill the order via the Primary Selling platform (Website).

For example, If anyone connects his Amazon with his Shopify via the Codisto App. Then all of the orders from Amazon will immediately be placed in the Shopify order tab. A seller can easily fulfill the order from the Shopify platform. This will be the same for the other platforms also. 

Chapter 3: Codisto for Different Marketplaces and Carts

Chapter 3.1:  Amazon by Codisto 

Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce that has 300 million active users and $1 billion in third-party sales every month. Codisto offers a dedicated app for Amazon. Just set up the app on the primary website and manage all the listings from there. Day-to-day Codisto gets more preference from the new online business owner because of its aggressive and seller-friendly pricing. 

Chapter 3.2: Dedicated Shopify Direct APP

Codisto offers a great versatile app for the Shopify platform. Connect your Shopify catalog to any global Amazon from any Shopify store currency. Create new Amazon listings or link existing ones and sync product details, prices & inventory directly from Shopify. Automatically transfer orders and sync shipment status between Amazon and Shopify for easy fulfillment. Sync Shopify product values or specify custom values for your Amazon listings on any field such as price, title, or description. 

Create New Listings or Sync Existing Ones:

Create new offers on existing Amazon listings, sync with your Seller Central account, or use your existing catalog to create new, ready-to-sell Amazon listings with ASINs.

Sync Amazon with Your Online Store in Real-time:

Inventory, pricing & product information are synced in 100% real-time between Shopify and Amazon so your product listings are accurate and up-to-date at all times.

Optimize Listing Fields and Keywords:

Set separate Amazon pricing & inventory with easy-to-use rules & map any Shopify field or combine fields to create new values for Amazon search optimizations.

Choose Any Global Amazon Marketplace:

With Amazon Channel by Codisto, you can sell on your local Amazon marketplace or choose any international Amazon region to sell in from any Shopify store currency. 

Chapter 3.3: Codisto for eBay

eBay connects you to over 180 million monthly active users across 23 international sites with unrivaled listing control for 3rd party sellers.

Fully Automated Listing Sync & Creation:

Auto-categorization lists products in the most relevant category, so you’re just a few clicks away from listing your entire catalog on eBay. Already selling on eBay? Codisto automatically links existing listings in minutes, protecting search ranking and sales history.

100% Real-time Sync with eBay:

Inventory, pricing, and product details are kept synced with your store catalog & eBay orders are sent directly into your existing order flow for easy fulfillment alongside orders from your online store.

Fully Optimized Listings with Flexible Control:

Set easy price & inventory rules for eBay based on your store catalog and automate the creation of great-looking eBay listings that are 100% mobile optimized and fully HTML and CSS template customizable.

Create a Global Presence on eBay:

With support for all store currencies, all 23 international eBay sites, complete international & domestic shipping options, eBay Global Shipping & intuitive currency conversion Codisto Channel Cloud makes it easy to go global on eBay.

Chapter 3.4: Codisto for Walmart

Walmart is the largest retailer in the US with the second-largest eCommerce business.

Approved sellers can now reach over 120 million monthly visitors on by selling on Walmart Marketplace with Codisto Channel Cloud.

Connect Your Online Store with Walmart:

Walmart Marketplace is a unique opportunity for sellers approved by Walmart to reach new customers and increase their reach and discoverability in the US.

Create New Listings or Sync Existing Ones:

Create new offers and listings to sell your products on Walmart Marketplace or sync your online store with your existing Walmart listings.

Keep Your Walmart Listings Synced in Real-time:

Inventory, pricing & product information are synced in 100% real-time between your online store and Walmart, and orders are received directly on your eCommerce platform.

Enjoy Unrivaled Listing Control:

Set separate pricing, inventory, and product details for your listings on Walmart Marketplace and manage your Walmart presence with powerful automation and customization features

Chapter 3.5: Google Merchant

Codisto offers a great feature to sync product listings to Google directly through its easy and versatile User Interface. Showcase your products to millions of customers looking for what you sell by listing them on Google.

Access more online traffic and boost your sales on Shopping and other Surfaces across Google, and automate Google Smart Shopping Campaigns for Google Product Listing Ads displayed in premium locations on Google Search, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

Create Product Listing Ads on Google with Codisto:

Create Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in bulk, complete with image & price, and showcase your products to millions of customers searching for products like yours with high-converting placements at the top of Google search results, on YouTube, and across the Google Display Network.

Sell on Google Surfaces and Shopping with Codisto:

Channel Cloud automatically creates new listings for your products to be shown across Google Surfaces like Shopping, Google Images, and Google Lens and supports Buy on Google so customers can checkout directly from Google, increasing conversion and sales.

Real-time Sync with Google Merchant Center with Codisto:

Codisto SmartSync™ connects your product catalog to Google Merchant Center so inventory, pricing, and product information are synced in real-time. SmartSync™ provides many benefits compared with periodic data feed solutions, including not paying Google for ads on out-of-stock products!

Automated Google Campaigns with Easy Budget Control:

Channel Cloud creates Google Product Listing Ads via automated Google Smart Shopping campaigns continuously optimized for increased conversion and returns. Simply set a daily budget for Google ad spending and let Channel Cloud reach more customers across the Google network.


When choosing the Multi-channel software for your eCommerce, you need to understand what your requirements are. Codisto has an easy one-stop User Interface for syncing, managing the inventory, and pricing. The first 50 orders of a month are free on Codisto. So, the small start-ups are greatly attracted to it. The pricing for the professional plan is also reasonable. It has some drawbacks and limitations. But it depends on the features you want. 

If you’re interested in doing more via Codisto, you can go through this web URL to check how to sync inventory on Amazon via Codisto from Shopify

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