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Business in Houzz: Everything You Need to Know about Houzz.

You should be on Houzz, if you’re a home enhancement professional.

What Is Houzz?

Houzz is a sales driven online marketplace platform that focuses on connecting people who are interested in decorating their homes with industry professionals. This web site offers design inspiration, product links, and the capability to connect with professionals for jobs you can not do on your own.

Houzz is the new way to design your home. Browse 25 million interior design images, home scenery, decorating ideas and home professionals online.

Unlike the days where you needed to attend showrooms and buy a pile of magazines to get help about your home enhancement design, there are many websites that can give you with the specific information you need( ideas, products, how- to- videos, etc.) without you having to leave your home.

In short, Houzz is a website that gives you with information for your remodeling design. The website contains an endless number of design photos that are searchable by style, position, room, etc. You can also use the site to find original professionals (interior contrivers, construction brigades – including us!) as well as view their work and reviews.

There’s a section to review conversations and helpful attendants. Last, but not least, there’s shopping! You can find the products via images or search through their large network of products through category searches. 

Houzz also offers mass-market furniture along with luxury options.

How does Houzz help eCommerce business?

Houzz lets you market your business online, offering you a platform where you can showcase your work and your services so that homeowners can find you and hire you for their project. 

Houzz is a hub for interior designers, remodelers, contractors, dealers, and homeowners.

It gives you a chance to host an online portfolio of your work, your services, and your contact information.  

It also allows you to create ideabooks that you can share with your clients. You can either upload your own photos, or you can find photos on the website. By creating ideabooks for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, or any other room(s) you specialize in, your client can better understand what your style and vision are.

Once you are up and running on Houzz, you need to show you are the best in the business. Some top tips to rising in the ranks include:

  • Include a Houzz badge on your site to show clients your work
  • Ask clients to review you on Houzz
  • Contact people you are interested in networking with
  • Be helpful on the boards by answering homeowner questions
  • Ask questions on the boards to spark conversation
  • Upload new content weekly or monthly

These tips and tools should get you started. With a robust, attractive and active presence, Houzz can help get visitors in front of your business.

Why should the sellers start the business with Houzz?

As a business on Houzz, you can sell home décor, furniture, supplies, and anything else that can be needed for the home.

With a wide range of sellers in over 900 categories of home products, Houzz offers a variety of features to get your products up for sale on their marketplace. Start selling on Houzz to take advantage of a multitude of industry-specific eCommerce resources

By using Houzz’s online storefront, you’ll have access to a huge audience of high-converting customers that you can easily communicate and engage with. With a personalized marketplace that’s easy to set up and customize for your business, you’ll reach customers that you never would have otherwise. 

Take advantage of these great Houzz benefits:

  • Millions of active customers looking to remodel their homes on the platform
  • Houzz users run high in engagement and conversions
  • Communicate directly with homeowners
  • Idea books and Projects rank well on search engines organically

If you are a remodeling or interior design business, Houzz is worth the investment. It’s a great way for your business to connect with valuable leads. This site makes it easy for your audience to see the work you do.

Houzz is a hub of valuable leads for your business. It gives you the opportunity to show these leads why your business is the best. It’s well worth the time and investment to create a profile where there are dozens of leads for your business.


The Best Businesses for Houzz:


Some of the best businesses for Houzz include:

  • Architects
  • Bath Remodeling Companies
  • Build Firms
  • Building Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Design Firms
  • Furniture Designers
  • Interior Designers
  • Kitchen Contractors
  • Landscape Architects
  • Lighting Designers

If you are interested in Houzz business and still have some info that you want to know then please comment us. We will be happy to assist you.

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