Boost Your Wayfair Sales with Product Videos
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Boost Your Wayfair Sales with Product Videos: A Seller’s Guide

Hey there, fellow Wayfair sellers! Today, we’ve got something exciting to share with you. We’re diving into the world of Wayfair Marketplace! In this blog, we are covering the requirements and process of uploading a video to the Wayfair product listing. Trust me, if you’re a Wayfair seller, this is something you don’t want to miss!

Key Aspect of Wayfair Marketplace

So, what exactly is Wayfair Marketplace? Well, think of it as the ultimate online platform to showcase and sell your products related to home furnishing, decor, and household essentials! And the best part? It’s already a hot favorite among millions of shoppers, making it the perfect playground for sellers like you and me.

With Wayfair Marketplace, you get access to a massive, worldwide customer base hungry for unique and quality products.

Power of Product Videos

All you need to do is upload videos of your products onto their listing page. Now, you might be wondering why videos? Well, let me tell you, videos are like your virtual salesperson, showcasing your products in the best possible light.

Wayfair is a powerhouse when it comes to online selling, and being associated with such a reputable brand instantly adds credibility to your own business. Not to mention, their effective marketing campaigns and millions of daily visitors mean more eyeballs on your product. And trust me, more eyeballs equals more sales!

Requirements for Uploading Videos

Here we are driven into the requirements of uploading videos in Wayfair product listings. You have to maintain video aspect ratio, format, length, and some creative features in your video. Let’s have a look at the requirements. 

Product Video Format

Wayfair keeps its video format consistent.

– Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9.

– Acceptable formats are 3GP, AAC, MP4, FLV, MOV, or MPEG-2.

– Save thumbnails as JPG or PNG.

Industry Creative Standards

When creating your product videos, adhere to these creative standards-

– Keep videos to no longer than one minute in length.

– Crop in for close-ups whenever possible – videos with close-up faces outperform those with medium-wide crops.

– Pop-up graphics and text (where applicable) help the video resonate, even when watched without sound.

– Bright, eye-catching colors for set design and color correction are a must.

– Videos with talent outperform videos with no talent.

– A clear and large opening thumbnail is more appealing and convinces the viewer to watch.

General Standards

Ensure your videos meet these general standards-

– Feature a brand or company as a seller or distributor.

– Avoid any form of contact information, including URLs.

– Do not reference Wayfair’s competitor products or websites.

– Refrain from comparing against other brands.

– Avoid displaying product pricing.

– Do not include promotional information with words like affordable, on sale, top-selling, and hot item.

– Ensure products are not depicted as being used for criminal activity.

– Do not include information about shipping costs or timelines.

– Avoid using editorial or third-party quotes.

– Do not mention warranties or guarantees.

– Ensure your video content is not offensive or pervasive.

Uploading Your Video on Wayfair

Here we are in the main event! We are a few moments away from seeing our product video visible on the customer side. First, log in to your Wayfair partner account.

Product Management

From the “Product” option, click on “Product Management.”

Search for Your Product

On the screen, you can see the search option. Here, you can search for your product by SKU or Wayfair SKU. Click on your product.

Image & Video

Once you’re on your product page, you can see the “Image & Video” option. Click on it or scroll down the page.


You’ll find the image and video upload box. Simply browse the video from your file or drag the video into that box. After processing, your video will be uploaded.

Review and Wait

Images and videos are reviewed by the Wayfair QA team after upload. It may take up to 72 hours for them to appear on the site. If your video is still not reflected on the site, you can submit a ticket to the Wayfair support center, and they’ll review it for you. 


Here in this blog, we have touched on the importance and necessity of product video in a Wayfair listing. You have got the requirements and standards of a product video. Finally, we have to go through the process of uploading a video to the product listing. Wishing you great success on Wayfair! Thank you for joining us on this journey to boost your Wayfair sales through the power of product videos.

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