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Amazon Email Marketing 2023: Boost Sales with Amazon Free Email Campaigns

In today’s digital age, email marketing continues to reign supreme as one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to connect with your audience. With millions of businesses vying for attention online, it’s crucial to find innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. Enter Amazon’s free email marketing tool, a game-changing solution that enables businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, engage customers, and boost sales without breaking the bank.

What is Amazon Email Marketing?

Amazon Email Marketing is a powerful marketing channel, a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products or services to your desired customers. Amazon Email Marketing helps to make your customers aware of your latest items or offers through your email marketing automation efforts. Amazon Email Marketing plays a pivotal role in your marketing strategy with lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, or keeping customers engaged between purchases through different types of marketing emails.

In the online world, Amazon email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach out and engage with potential customers and loyal buyers alike. Amazon Email Marketing allows you to easily and inexpensively reach out to thousands of people in a short time, which can hugely benefit your business and increase your profits.

When was it launched?

Amazon launches their Free Email Marketing Capabilities for sellers to contact repeat, recent, and high-spend customers. On -Sep. 14, 2022 Amazon announced the Amazon Accelerate (a premier annual conference designed specifically for our selling partners or anyone interested in selling in Amazon stores). For the first time, sellers can now expand their brands beyond followers when they will send free Amazon marketing emails to reach out to their desired and most loyal customers, such as repeat customers, recent customers, and high-spend customers, also most brand-visited customers.

Where can you find this from seller central?

You will find this Amazon’s new features for Amazon Email marketing : 

Seller Center > Brands > Customer Engagements

How does Amazon Email Marketing Work?

Amazon free Email marketing on Amazon works to reach out to our desired and loyal customers through email. There are multiple fundamentals of the Amazon email marketing working process.

  •  Define Audience.
  • Set goals.
  • By Choosing an email marketing platform.
  • Build an Email list.
  • Create your customized emails.
  • Measure the results.

To benefit from Amazon’s Email marketing, you will need to understand Amazon’s email marketing capabilities. These are some of the key features that make Amazon email marketing so successful that you will need to know the most benefits from Amazon email marketing.

Email Marketing Capabilities.

1. Huge Email List: Amazon has one of the world’s largest email lists in their database, they have over 310 million active customers. Your message will reach a wide audience and help you build relationships with potential buyers. That helps you to grow your business faster and smoother.

2. Automated Emails: Amazon will send automated emails as part of its customer service process. These emails will contain important updates or announcements about your products or services that are relevant to your customers. These automated emails can help keep your audience informed and engaged, which is essential for building trust and loyalty with customers.

3. Customized Emails: In Amazon email marketing process you can customize your email messages to ensure that they are connected with your targeted audience. For example, you can add images, videos, and affiliate links to make your messages more engaging and reliable with your products. Also, you can use keyword research to find specific words and phrases that might be more effective in reaching your target market.

4. Responses and Engagements rate: On Amazon, email marketing can be extremely effective and essential in engaging and converting your audience. Research has shown that response rates for Amazon email marketing campaigns are higher than the other forms of marketing.

There are some types of Email Marketing on Amazon that will help you which one you can use or will be beneficial for your business:

  1. A/B Testing: By Amazon Email marketing, you can test different versions of your email campaigns to see which ones will be most effective at reaching out to your targeted audiences. With this approach Amazon email marketing lets you personalize your messages for each recipient, boosting engagement also for conversions. 
  1. Customizable Templates: You can use your customized templates to create custom email campaigns on Amazon. These campaigns can be designed by using popular software platforms, meaning you can easily create your complex or automated campaigns without any kind of coding knowledge. 

How to create an Email Marketing Campaign?

Step 1: 

From the customer engagements console you can start creating Amazon email marketing campaigns by clicking the create campaign.

Then you can proceed by choosing your brand for that brand you want to create an Amazon Email Marketing Campaigns.

Step 2:

You have to select an audience’s types to target that particular audience. There are 4 types of audiences.

  • Repeat customers
  • High spend customers
  • Recent Customers
  • Brand followers

You can choose any of them as per your demands.

Step 3:

 Then you have to add a Primary campaign product and add multiple Supporting Products (it will be optional for you).Then you have to select the campaign start date in the Campaign Delivery Window.

Step 4:

  • In the Email Settings you have to add a campaign name that is for your own understanding customer will not find this name at all. 
  • Then you have to add an Email subject that will be suggested by Amazon and you have to choose any of them. 
  • After that you have to choose a header title in the Section header option that will be also suggested by Amazon and you have to choose any of them. 
  • At last, you have to choose your Brand logo that will represent your brand. Then you will be ready to go for Amazon email marketing by clicking the start campaign.

Short recap for Amazon free email marketing campaigns create

Seller Center > Brands > Customer Engagements > Create email campaign > Primary Product Selection > Supporting Product Selection (Optional) > Campaign Delivery Window >Email Settings (Campaign title,Email subject,Section header) > Brand logo > Start Campaign.

Requirements for Amazon Email marketing

For this Amazon Email Marketing, you will need to have a brand registry on Amazon. If you have the brand registry you are able to create campaigns for Amazon Email Marketing  by fulfilling some requirements.

There are some requirements too for Amazon Email Marketing campaigns that you have to full-fill and maintain. Those are:

  • Header Information: Your marketing emails must contain accurate header information.
  • Subject Lines : Emails must have honest subject lines and must not misrepresent .
  • Ad Disclosure : Your email must need to include a clear and conspicuous disclosure that it is marketing material.
  • Mailing Address : Your email must include a valid mailing address for your company.
  • Display Proper Contact Details : Include your business street address and an additional contact method within the email signup form.
  • Unsubscribe Option : Every Amazon marketing email must need to include an unsubscribe method.
  • Opt-Out Requirements : Opt-out mechanism must be provided that will enable the recipient to indicate that, at no cost to them, a wish to no longer receive any commercial electronic messages in further.
  • Be honest about your proposal : Don’t mislead your recipients with emails.

Benefits Of Amazon Email Marketing.

Amazon free Email marketing is one of the most popular online email marketing techniques. Amazon Email marketing allows you to send automated messages to a list of email addresses, which can help you build relationships with your customers and drive more sales. Here are the benefits of free Email Marketing on Amazon:

  • Expands Relationship Development : Amazon Email marketing allows you to develop relationships with your customers in a more easier way. By sending periodic updates and notifications, you can keep them buyers about your products and services and continue to build trust and loyalty with them. It ultimately leads you to increased sales.
  • Sales Volume Increase : According to experts and Research study, Amazon Email Marketing has been found to increase sales by as much as 48%. Compared with other forms of online email marketing, such as Facebook ads or banner ads, Amazon email campaigns are considered more effective because they allow for closer interaction between the brand and its customer base.
  •  Easy to Campaign Management : Amazon Email campaigns are easier to manage than other forms of online advertising because they don’t require as much set-up time or design expertise. You can easily create automated messages that will automatically send out when specific conditions are met that you have set for, resulting in less stress for you and improved Amazon Free Email Marketing campaign performance overall.
  • Spends Reduce : Emails can be produced at a fraction of the cost of traditional offline advertising methods such as printouts or commercials, making them an affordable option for small businesses that want to reach a wider audience. Email lists are constantly growing, so you can continue to reach new customers for years without spending money on other marketing campaigns. That’s the way Amazon email marketing campaigns will reduce your spending.
  • Improved Customer Attention : One of the biggest and most important benefits of Amazon email marketing is that it can increase customer attention rates. Always being available and responsive to your customers can keep them returning even if they don’t purchase anything. It can lead to higher conversion rates and bigger profits down the line.


So finally, Amazon email marketing is the most important form for building a strong connection with your buyers in a short time. Amazon email marketing will reduce the distance between sellers and buyers. It will enlarge your business and expand your brand’s popularity.

Hope you have a better idea now about Amazon Email Marketing and how it will help you to increase the visibility of your brand and products as well.

To learn more about  Amazon Email Marketing, you can email us with your queries through this email: are here to assist you.

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